I designed a name tag line of personalised items. The first to get printed is the face mask, which I ordered for myself. The idea is to get the name of the person who is ordering it, or the name of the person it’s a gift for, and handwrite it, using illustrator iPadOS, and get it printed directly onto the mask. I’m selling a name tag line, there’s shirts, water bottles, stickers, magnets, and so much more. Learn more here.
It started during Covid. I was getting annoyed that people couldn't get my name right when I made orders at cafés. Samuel is not a hard name to spell or remember, but they still got it wrong, everyday, because I was legally required to wear a mask. With a muffled voice, I could be saying anything. So, I thought it'd be helpful to put my name on my face, on a piece of clothing that easily, publicly removed. Plus, It became handy to replace my name lanyard tag at work.
From little things, big things grow, as they say. From the annoyance came my thought to sell these masks, but I was looking for the cheapest custom printing company that allows for single prints, as apposed to bulk orders. When I found one, I went through their entire catalog and put my design on everything and anything to see how it looks.
You can see my catalog on Etsy.

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