Without knowing what I wanted to do after high school, but knowing I wanted to do something visually artistic, I found DCA (Design College Australia) at the Careers Expo a couple of months before graduating. I won a space in a workshop event at DCA at the end of 2016, and in early 2017, I went into Uni. In my first trimester, my first assignment was to design the poster for a hyperthetical Zombie Film Festival held at GOMA (the Gallery Of Modern Art). The festival was meant to showcase 1950’s zombie films.
The fogged glass and arms was a stock image shared around the class in a folder of photos we couold use for our backdrop. I chose this one because, for the purposes of a zombie poster, I saw the arms as a dead or dying body sliding down the glass wall as the zombie rips into it from behind. The film reel head was created in Adobe Illustrator and it was all assembled in Indesign.
I tore up pieces of paper cups and made outlines of the letters with it, colouring in between the pieces to get that rotten, disheveled look that rotten flesh would have as the living corpse staggers down the street. I wanted the whole poster design to reek and to look horrifying. The blood was made up of 3 different images from google that I had to remove the backgrounds and change the transparancy for.

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