My client was referred to me by a mutual friend when they found out my client is starting a new business. They registered their name and ABN, but came to me for their Logo, Business Card and Flyer. The business is going to keep messages from someone at their deathbed, or before, and not deliver it or play it until it's time. Video or audio messages for funerals, personal letters, or "heirloom capsules".
The background image on the flyer is a stock image from iStock. I did pay for it before I got it printed, and I took the profile photo down beside the contact details. So, everything is legal. I designed the back to look like the backside of an envelope for a bit extra effect.

You might think that the text on the business card is too large, but I got call from her, a few days after she picked the final prints, that it was too small for her clients. So, that day, I reworked everything on the cards. I went in and made the stamp more obvious that it's a stamp, making fewer rounded cutouts more and having them more pronounced. I made the stamp and text larger and reworked the layout.

I took that photo of my client, Jeneene Askew, at the first meeting. We talked about how important it would be that people not just read or knew about your new business, but they're able to put a face to a name, so I grabbed my DLSR for the shot. I took it home and edited it in Adobe Bridge to be put on the flyer.

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