Wes Taylor, my father and professional guitarist, came to me, asking for a sign to be made, something he can easily pack into his rode cases full of cables and music equipment. He needed to be able to quiickly and easily send people to his website and give the his contact details for bookings. He wanted to use one of his old photos as the background and wanted his name typed with the original typeface he started using in the 90’s, the typeface called Dakota.
I got to work, fixing the colour and exposure of the photo in Adobe Bridge, laying out the page and generating the QR barcode in Adobe InDesign, curving the corners and applying a colour gradient to the QR Barcode iin Adobe Illustrator. After he saw the final product, before I sent it off to print, he also got me to make a variation to be set as the lockscreen wallpaper for his iPhone SE 2016 model.

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