In my third term of my Diploma, in early 2018, I designed a magazine to showcase the past students of Billy Blue. The word “Scale” was designed to shrink towards the middle, and the boarder is designed to resemble the well known scale tool from most page layout and design programs. The theme of the scale tool boarder is continued throughout all the pages of this magazine. I used the red box at the top of the pages for the feature pages and the page numbers. The navy blue boarder was inspired by the National Geographic and Time magazines, and was used throughout the magazine, except the last 2 pages, which, looking back on it, there’s no reason I couldn’t have given the second last page a boarder, but I purposefully didn’t give one to the third and the very last page because I thought it would have interfered with the portrait images
 This is the class that taught me about “widows and orphans” as my lecturer called lone words above and below paragraphs. He always said to make sure that it doesn’t happen, whether that means we move images, make images smaller or bigger, or we add or take text away

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