This image not only shows my business cards in action, or my promotional pieces, but it also shows a few of my pieces from my portfolio. You can check these pieces out on my Bēhance page.
To take advantage of current technology and to save paper waste and usage, I have designed 3 cards, 2 that work together to show a digital card, and a print option. One is a QR code card that lives on my phone and is scanned by my client and the other is a modified version of the print copy that has clickable items on it. The QR code directs the scan to the card located on my Google Drive, and from there, the client can go to my Youtube channel, my Pinterest page, my Facebook and my online portfolio on Behance, or they can click on my Email address to start a blank Email message.
But if the client doesn’t want a digital copy, I have a print option as well. The print option is designed and setup as a stripped down clone of the Google Drive digital card. The only things it doesn’t have are the clickable logos for Youtube, Facebook, Behance and Pinterest.
I’m not trying to be all things for all men, but I am trying to be accessible for everyone, as well as reducing clutterred wallets or storage by limiting the wastage of paper and ink.
I'm working on promotion pieces for my graphic design brand. In this image is the water bottle and travel mug I'm hoping to get made. The mug will be offered to my new clients on the first meeting as a thank you for commissioning me for your work, and the bottle will be given as a parting gift. Whether or not the client chooses to keep it or give it away, either of them can be used as business cards as well as a cup or bottle. 

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