Still in the third term of my diploma, in early 2018, I was being 3 ways to work with logos, Design and Creation, Refresh and Redesign. My Dad owns his own recording label and business in, what used to be, the garage of our house. Since we moved in, in the late 1990’s, it’s been his recording studio and guitar practicing space. We’ve had big name artists come by for recording sessions and to practice for gigs with my Dad. Big names like James Morrison, Kate Cebrano, and lesser known names. All of this has been happening since I was a young kid, maybe a toddler, and his logo was inspired by a well known book logo from that time, the book “The Secret”, but in the years he’s owned the house and owned the recording studio name, his logo hasn’t changed in the slightest, which isn’t a big issue, but the biggest thing I have against the logo image is that it’s just a JPG image. He’s used it on so many things through the years and it’s always had this strange and awkward black box background as an artefact of the graphic designer who initially worked on it not giving my Dad the proper image. He wasn’t given the transparent background PNG or vector image, he was only given the small JPG version. So, for this class, when everyone was told find a local business to their house to improve their logo for the assignment, I took my Dad’s logo and fixed it up for him to use.
Below is the original logo
While I was working on the logo refresh for my Dad, I had a look at his website and thought it could use a complete redesign. His original was overly cluttered with element that could be revealed with a click or hover of the mouse, there were too many tabs, and the tabs weren’t used properly, and it wasn’t mobile friendly. So, I designed and developed anew site for him from the ground up, the second site I’ve done for him since my Information Tech class in high school, and I’m just waiting for him to use it. I used HTML 5, J Query and CSS to design this site. Unfortunately, you can’t go to see it or Google it. Because he hasn’t agreed to use it, it remains to live on my Hard Drive for the foreseeable future. But it has interactive elements that are optimised for mouse input, but it shrinks and reorganises based on the size of the display monitor.
And, for proof, here's a screen shot of the source code

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