The Best of my 2018 Photography
These are all just practice shots, keeping my hand on the camera after being graduated from High school for 2 years. In high school, I took a 2-year Film and TV course, and the first thing I learned was the principles of photography.
I love taking photos of fire, almost as much as I love sitting around a fire at a camp.
The RiverFire event is an annual event in Brisbane. The whole Brisbane river is lined with fireworks and is an amazing photo op.
My friend was holding a funeral for his Dad. He knew me from church, so he asked me to setup a live feed of the funeral to his family overseas, and as an added bonus, I acted as the photographer for the event.
My brother (the bass player in a white shirt) was performing in the Queens Street Mall in Brisbane with his University band. He asked my mum and I to come along to watch and listen. He didn't know I'd be playing photo boy.

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