It's been 2 and a half months since my high school graduation, and my family went on a trip to Fraser Island for a dew days. I had just been given a new Canon EOS 700D for my birthday and a starter gift for my first day of Uni, and I wanted to bring it along. I had studied Photography in the 2 year Film and TV course I did in high school, so I wanted to practice.
I love playing with light. After I learnt how to control the shutter speed and take long exposure shots, I took to the streets of Brisbane one night after my first day of Uni.
I really miss this place. This is an interior shot from my University. It was on the 7th floor of an office building, and it was called Design College Australia. I loved how the sunset had such a warm glow on the windows across the road, and I loved how that contrasted with the cold, natural coloured lights inside.
This is a shot of my neighbour's hand next to a glass of, what I think is, whisky, from how well I know him. My dad was playing guitar with a band at an RSL and I tagged along. He had invited my elderly, wheelchair bound neighbour. This is a shot of me playing with the new 50mm lens I got and it's focus range.
This was the first RiverFire event I went to. RiverFire is an annual event the Brisbane City Council puts on where they have a fireworks show from boats on the Brisbane River. Knowing how good fireworks look through a good lens, I thought I might bring my camera along, and I'm so glad I did.
This wasn't a morning I had Uni, so I thought I might get up early one Brisbane Summer's morning for a sunrise photo shoot. I got up at 3am, but the photo shoot didn't really start until 4:30.
I was practicing with my 50mm lens and some flowers and the injured cockatoo we adopted after he fell into our yard.
I wanted to get up early one Anzac Day morning for the sunrise service.
I love taking shots of fire. I love the way the flame glows and moves, plus the embers seem to draw lines in the lens.

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