My family went to see the baby swans at North Lakes on Friday (03/07/20)
Today is Wednesday (08/07/20), and I finally bought myself a small telephoto lens after using a 50mm-250mm lens in 2016 being the last time I touched one. There's been a few times I've needed one, and now I can finally take those photos.
I went around my house today, after it arrived in the mail, and took a few shots of my pets, my Mum's flowers, and my Mum's wild animal visitors all with my new lens. 
After I took these shots, I went on a bike ride back to North Lakes to see the swans with my new lens.
But of course, just like the first trip to see the swans, they weren't the only stars of my paparazzi shoots.
I heard that a couple of friends of mine were playing soccer at the field down by my place. So, I went down there to get a few action shots for practice.
We went out, as a family, to celebrate my parent's 29th wedding anniversary yesterday. Beautiful day at Redcliffe, and I just wanted to get a good shot of them on the beach after lunch.
While walking my dog today, I took my Canon along for practice and got these shots.
The moon was close last night (03/10/2020), but the longest lens I have is 200mm, so I couldn't get a nice close up shot of the moon.
While my Mum's guinea pigs were eating their late lunch, they were looking adorable, and I thought they'd be some great little photo models. I grabbed my 55-200mm and Canon EOS 700D to take some close-ups without scaring them off.
So many times, my mum has asked me to come and take photos of her flowers that don't bloom very long. Photos last longer, I guess. 
While working on the colour and exposure fix on this photo, I accidentally turned off the red and was surprised and amazed at how interesting this looks.

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