I took this with my iPad mini 2nd Gen. The ship just off the cliff edge at Woody Point has since eroded away and crumbled, but I took this on one of my 5 hour bike rides around the Redcliffe Peninsula. After taking this photo, I stood my bike up and climbed down to get inside the ship and have a look.
The story behind this ship is that it's a World War 2 ship. It was put here and rammed into the cliff to stop the rocks, dirt and sand from falling away, out from under the houses.
These were all taken on the day that I took the shot of the ship. These were all taken on my iPad mini 2nd Gen with no colour correction or exposure enhancement. I did try to fix the colour and exposure later, but it only made it look bad
I had just started working on a film I was working for my Film and TV class. With my school rented camera in hand, I thought I might do some practice with the actors as my models.
With the school owned camera in my hand over the holidays, I thought I might use it between church services.
After I had asked my parents if I could take longer to get home after the church night service, I went down to the man-made lake in the middle of North Lakes to shoot some night photography. This is before the North Lakes hotel was finished construction, so the cranes can be seen in the background.
My family took a trip up to Montville for the afternoon. Since it's such a photogenic place, I took the camera I rented from my school and took some practice shots, working out the focal range of it's 55mm-250mm lens.
I took these at a friend's birthday party on my iPad mini 2nd Gen. I wasn't invited, my dad was, he just took the whole family.
In mid 2016, my high school from Redcliffe, took its annual trip to Melbourne. These were all taken on my iPad mini 2nd Gen.

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