While I was in a small emotional tiff, I went on a bike ride for a kilometre or two. I too a break to cool down and gather my thoughts, and after buying the new iPhone 12 Pro, I wanted to test the craze over its cameras. I took these shots over Deception Bay, Queensland. It turned out nicer than I expected.
A few days later, I took these shots to test the iPhone 12 Pro a little more, and, again,I'm amazed at the image quality. I did fiddle with the lighting and colour of these photos, but not by much. These are very close to the original raw photos.
On Australia Day (26th of January), I went down to Redcliffe for the annual public council organised celebration. At the end, I took photos of the fireworks, again, with my iPhone 12 Pro. Now, there is no way it can replace my Canon DSLR, but it is a great addition to my creative tool belt, especially with the quality of the cameras and the LiDR sensor. Now, I will still go out with my DSLR when I go on a trip with my family and think it might be a great photo practice opportunity, but just being out and about, on a whim, the iPhone 12 range of phones has some amazing photo capabilities that can take DSLR grade photos.
I went out for my latest driving lesson today (13/07/2021), getting my 70th hour, and my instructor and I went out to bribe island. I made sure to take my DSLR along this time because the last few times I went out with this instructor, we went for more casual road trip type drives out to Mt Mee and to the back of Caboolture and Caloundra where the scenery is beautiful, and I really kicked myself for not taking a camera.
My family and I went to Wild Horse Mountain today after church. I thought to take my DSLR along and grabbed these shots
For the last few months, I've been helping my friend, and his family, move their things in and out of storage as they move house. I also started going to a Gym. So, on my way to the Gym and to work, I wake up early in the morning and take the same route, as the Gym is across the car park from work. Along the way, I've watched the sun rise, so I took my Camera to the Gym one day before going to help my friend, and I took these nice shots before my workout.
After helping my friend and his family, I was on my way home early and, with my camera and tripod with me, I stopped at North Lakes to take these photos.
On my way to the Gym again, I got myself prepared with my camera, but this time I wanted to use my new MantisPod tripod from PGYTech. I didn't have such a bloated bag, like I normally do when I go out with my camera, because the MantisPod is so small. but I was able to take these beautiful shots.

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